If you happened to be watching Jeopardy! earlier this week, a mountain in Maine made an appearance in a clue on the show. After one of the contestants, a man named Matt got the answer correct without hesitation, he could find himself the proud holder of a season pass to one of Maine's most popular ski mountains.

Shared on Facebook by Sugarloaf Mountain, the clue read:

This "sweet" mountain in Maine's Carrabassett Valley is one of New England's premier ski resorts

The answer to the clue is unquestionably Sugarloaf. Normally, when any place in Maine gets into a Jeopardy! clue, we all just talk about it for a moment and it's quickly in the past. But the marketing team at Sugarloaf saw an opportunity. Offer up Matt a season pass and gain a little traction on social media. Brilliant.

So will Matt Walks take Sugarloaf up on their generous offer? The answer is YES. He commented below the above post on Facebook and officially accepted Sugarloaf's offer for a season pass. Walks is a native of Billings, Montana and mentioned that his next trip to Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine will be his first.

If you didn't watch this particular episode of Jeopardy, Walks was not victorious on the show. But a Sugarloaf season pass is a great consolation prize. Enjoy, Matt.

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