Two different hosts, two different trips to Maine over the course of almost two decades. That sums up Maine's history with the popular Cooking Channel show known as "Man v. Food". The original host of the show was Adam Richman, who traveled from coast-to-coast for many years taking on the most ridiculous eating challenges that were placed in front of him. The second host, Casey Webb, is just as ambitious as Richman when it comes to food, albeit with a very different personality. So where did they go and what did they eat? Let's take a look at the six places that were featured on "Man v. Food".

The Six Places From Maine Featured On 'Man v. Food'

Considering Webb had such a great time on his latest visit to Maine, it would hardly surprise us if there will be another visit from "Man v. Food" soon. Have any ideas on where Webb should go? Eating challenges in Maine that are impossible to conquer? Let us know.

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