So many of Stephen King's works have reached iconic status. One of those works is "Pet Sematary", a twisted tale about a doctor and his family that is struck by tragedy followed by poor decisions. The title would suggest the action centers around a pet cemetery. Instead, it's an ancient burial ground beyond the pets that unleashes terror throughout the book. But with so many of King's works rooted in a little bit of his own life, is there a real pet cemetery? The answer is yes.

There's actually several pet cemeteries in Maine, but one that truly stands out is located on Mackworth Island. Shared on Facebook by Brian Bartlett, what you're looking at is a real-life pet cemetery hiding out in the open. According to, that pet cemetery on the island is the resting place for all the beloved animals that belonged to former Governor Percival Baxter. Baxter is know for many things in the Pine Tree State, including buying and then donating the land that eventually became Baxter State Park. Baxter's ties to Mackworth Island are also substantial. He owned a summer home on the island, and believed the island to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet. That's why he decided it would be the perfect resting place for his beloved pets.

And those pets were plentiful. Baxter was a renowned breeder of Irish Setters, and kept generations of them as his own personal pets. He also had a beloved horse, named Jerry Roan. All of his 13 Irish Setters and Jerry Roan lay buried at Baxter's pet cemetery on Mackworth Island. The cemetery itself is enclosed by a rock wall for safe keeping and now serves as a creepy/thoughtful aesthetic for hikers passing by.

If you're thinking about visiting, the hike itself is easy and perfect for novices. The trail is clear and concise, and there are signs that will lead you to the pet cemetery. Who's up for a foggy and chilly hike right at dusk? Anyone?

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