Today is Statehood Day in the State of Maine and one event that will take place today is one that will be a treasure for another milestone in year's to come for our state.

Today a time capsule will be unveiled at the University of Maine to celebrate Maine's Bicentennial.  And, even if the public can't be there personally, you will be able to watch online as the 'core component of the time capsule is revealed.

The time capsule is a combination of many talents and components throughout the state, including having a granite base, a Dirigo banner, and a Maine Heritage Timber specially-made cabinet.  Today,  the University of Maine in Orono and will be unveiling the 'Dirigo Star' which will be the holding component of the time capsule.  As a whole, the time capsule will serve as a piece of the celebration of Maine's first two hundred years of statehood as well as a celebration of Maine's future.

Items to be included in the time capsule will be collected throughout the year with the capsule being sealed at the end of 2021. From there, the capsule will be installed (time to be determined) at the Maine State Library to be opened at a future State milestone.

The event will be livestreamed today at 1 PM at University of Maine's Advanced Structures and Composites Center on the Maine200 YouTube page and on the Maine 200 Facebook page.

This event was suppose to take place last year but was delayed due to the presence and navigating of the COVID 19 pandemic.

For more information about Maine's Bicentennial celebrations that have continued into 2021 and more information about what has already been celebrated, follow the official Facebook page of Maine's Bicentennial Commission at 'Maine 200' and the official website at

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