The Maine Historic Preservation Commission has put together a Bicentennial Commission-endorsed project to bring Maine's heritage into one tasty recipe book.

The group is putting together a community cookbook and is asking the community to submit recipes to celebrate Maine's culinary history and future for Maine's Bicentennial year.

The web page for the project is reaching out to famous Mainer's and to your "Average Joe Mainer" for recipes to add to the book:

The cookbook will include signature dishes from the state’s top chefs, as well as family recipes of famous Mainers, including Governor Janet Mills, Senator Angus King, and astronaut Jessica Meir. But the majority of recipes will come from everyday Mainers, who are invited to submit treasured family recipes, food stories, photos, and heirloom recipe cards.

To donate a recipe or to preorder the historic book, head over to the web page for the book.

This book is a part of a year long celebration for Maine's Bicentennial celebration.  Check out more thing related to the anniversary celebration, including several events through out the year, at

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