Three designs have been chosen for Maine's 200th birthday coming up in 2020 and you can now vote for your favorite design.

In a news release from the Maine Secretary of State, Matthew Dunlop, a link is shared that takes you to a survey showing all three of the designs.

Following the link, you are shown the three choices and simply asked "Which design do you like best?"

Maine Secretary of State
Maine Secretary of State

The first design, titled "Modified Original State Flag" includes a simple pine tree design with a star and the word Dirigo in the top right hand corner.

The second design, titled "Bicentennial Commission Logo" is a white flag with the years "1820" and "2020", the star and Dirigo design, and the words "Maine 2020" with " Leads the Way" underneath.

The last design, titled "Sec. Dunlap's Ice/Water/Land Design", is inspired by three elements of Maine, soil, ice and water and includes a rectangular white section including the star and Dirigo design with singular green and blue stripes filling the rest of the flag.

The three designs will travel the state until it's Bicentennial.

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