Ladies and Gentlemen, wanna see Todd Simcox's worst nightmare come to life?

Everyday when we prepare our segment with WABI-TV 5's Todd Simcox, there are so many stores about snakes to choose from, and we read just about all of them, because if you are a regular listener of the show, you know that Todd is terrified of the slithery serpents.

This week we found video of an Alabama man named Billy Forbus, who found a venomous snake in garden, shot it's head off and was about to take it to show his brother and father, when something very bizarre happened that you have to see to believe!

Forbus attempts to take the dead snake out of the back of his pickup truck, when the headless body started to strike at him. It turns out that snake can continue attacking even after losing their head because they have extremely slow metabolisms, and keeps their internal organs functioning for quite awhile after being decapitated.

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