What's your favorite saying during a Maine winter?

Yessah bub! She was some greasy out there yesterday. Ah the things Mainers say, that make absolutely no sense to anyone who doesn't live here.

We have been conditioned to endure some pretty brutal, bone crunching winters here in the 207, so as we dig out the shovels today after
a hearty round of snow, it seemed to be the perfect time the cover some of the things that we utter during these brutal months.

If you look, there are some funny TikTok videos about this very subject. I especially like the one that claims Mainers will drive around in a snow storm, with your heat cranked, and your windows down, because I am 100% guilty of this. It's just one of things where if you live here, you just kinda do it.

Here are some gems that people left in the comments section:


I once asked an old guy up in Bingham where a road went. The reply: "Road don't go nowhere, Sonny, just stays right where it is.


We got two seasons in Maine. Itching and scratching…and blowing and drifting

Corey Cowperthwaite

Roads are just like a bottle


Colda thana whore’s haat


Colder than a polar bears touch hole


slicker than snot on a doorknob


If ya just stand in the sun it ain’t that bad, dude.

If we missed your favorite, let us know! In the meantime, we will catch you during the next storm.

Signs of a Bad Winter According to Weather Folklore

Gallery Credit: Mary K

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