You heard Kid mention it on-air that I was watching some of these odd Japanese game shows and I thought I'd compile a list of some of my favorites.  Nothing's more mysterious and perplexing as the premise of these shows.  Let's share in their delights together!


  • 1

    Wall of Boxes

    Here is what started it all for me.  Once you start it's hard to stop.  The idea is that they are trying to knock down the people sitting on top of the wall.  Check out the wacky ways they try.

  • 2

    Human Tetris

    Human tetris, anyone?

    The silver outfits make this show.  How about the female side kick for the host?  What does she do?  I'm sorry, but jumping and breaking the foam mold should be cheating.  So many giggles.  My office mates can't help but watch with me.

  • 3

    Missing Floor

    Eight and a half minutes of nail biting suspense!  Are you as disturbed as I am when they fall and you don't hear any noise?  What's down there?  Classic and sort of medieval.

  • 4


    Man, the waivers these contestants must sign.

  • 5

    Marshmellow (Funny Face)

    I honestly don't get this one.  Still astonishing.

  • 6

    BONUS: Candy Or Not Candy

    0:45 gets me every time!  Lol!


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