We will all be glued to the TV this Sunday night!

To say that the last few days hae been a whirlwind for Julia Gagnon, would be a huge understatement. After crushing it during her "American Idol" audition a few days back, she is feeling the love from people not only here in Maine, but all over the world.

Tackling an Aretha Franklin song is daunting task for any singer, but to completely crush it in the process, is another story.

After reaching rarified air, when she got a coveted "Platinum Ticket" on Sunday night, Julia expressed her appreciation for all the well wishes and support she has recieved this week, in a post from her Facebook page.

Host Ryan Seacrest is a fan too!

She got started on her path, winning "Central Maine Idol" last summer. The yearly event is held at The quarry Tap Room, in Hallowell, and features a $10,000 prize for the winner.

The Quarry Tap Room held a watch party for Julia on Sunday night, and it was a huge scucess!

Check out these videos of Julia, when she won the Central Maine Idol crown, last summer. You can really tell that there is a special gift in her incredible voice.

Julia, who is from Cumberland, attends the University of Southern Maine, and is just 21 years old. She was born in Guatemala, then moved to the United States. as a child to live with her adoptive family, here in Maine.

She will advance on to Hollywood, to take on 150 other contestants, with hopes of getting into the Top 24, and maybe, just maybe, winning the American Idol crown.

Watch her goosebump inducing audition, learn about her backstory that brought her to this point, and cheer her on, when American Idol airs Sunday nights at 8 pm, on ABC 7. It can also be streamed the next day on Hulu

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