Julia knocked an Adele tune out of the park last night!

With Hollywood Week in the rearview mirror, the Top 24 on American Idol, took the stage at Disney's Aulani Resort in Hawaii, for the first of two nights of performances.

Underneath this beautiful setting, with her family watching nearby, Maine's own Julia Gagnon, blew the audience away, with an infectious cover of the Adele song "Rumour Has It' impressing Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan in the process, by showing off her impressive vocal range on a song that is not easy to sing!

Based on some of the comments from the American Idol YouTube page, Julia not only has some devoted fans but has a legitimate shot at going very far this season. Now it's on the voting process, it seems like a lock that she will advance to the next round.


Julia's got an unbelievable voice! Few women can sing so low with such power and still have the sweetest high tones. And she fills her songs with so much personality. Loved this performance!


Whoo, talk about goosebumps! Go girl!!!!


Her range is crazy good. She has a great low range, which is rare when one has such a high range. I'm backing her and KB for the finals!


Authentic and gifted. She is a beautiful soul and she's just so natural in her performances. She can sing any song and is great. WINNER!!!!!


Ok this girl is supernatural! Her voice is insane and her delivery. What!


She is so gorgeous and has such a great voice. I think she would be perfect to sing Aretha or Tracy Chapman songs.

If you don't know Julia's backstory, she is from Cumberland, attends the University of Southern Maine, and in her moving audition mentioned that she recently found her birth mother in Guatemala, and she's trying to accomplish something big, to make her proud.

Check out her amazing first audition that landed her that Platinum Ticket, hear her incredible life story that got her to this point, and don't forget to watch her in the Top 24, Sundays & Mondays at 8 pm, on ABC 7, or stream it on Hulu.

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