Are you the next Julia Gagnon?

One of Maine's best singers could win a cool $10,000!

Last June, Julia Gagnon won Central Maine Idol, then began her incredible journey to American Idol, where she has rocketed into the Top 8. So dreams can come true, if you have the talent!

Central Maine Idol is returning to Hallowell this summer for Season 4!

This time around they are on the hunt for the best singers in the entire State of Maine, with a $10,000 Grand Prize on the line for the winner. Not too shabby.

They will bed we'll also be holding auditions in multiple places over multiple weeks, providing more opportunity for talented singers to come and try out!

If you are interested in audtioning for Season 4, here are the dates you can try out at the Quarry Tap Room, 122 Water Street in Hallowell:

Saturday, May 11th-10am-4pm, The Quarry Tap Room, 122 Water Street, Hallowell
Saturday, May 18th-10am-4pm, Henry's Public House, 375 Fore Street, Portland
Saturday, May 25th-10am-4pm, The Quarry Tap Room, 122 Water Street, Hallowell

Here are some rules that must be followed in order to compete:

  • Contestants must be 18
  • You must be a Maine resident
  • Contestants cannot be under the influence of alcohol
  • No instruments or props on stage, including cell phones
  • Use of profanity is not allowed
  • All judges decisions are final

If you think you have what it takes to win it all, head to the Central Maine Idol auditons next month, and may be we will see you onstage for the competition, when it begins in June!

For more info on Central Maine Idol, check out their Facebook page

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