Good luck on Sunday, Julia. We will be cheering you on!

It's been a crazy week, and things are starting to get intersting on this season of American Idol. When the Top 7 votes were revealed on Monday night, Mainer Julia Gagnon, had her named called again.

What's in store this weekend? Tune in and find out, Sunday night at 8pm, on ABC 7 in Bangor.

When the contestants performed in the “Judges Song Contest” episode, the song picked for Julia, was the classic "Over The Rainbow", and naturally, she delivered it with a powerhouse vocal performance.

This week on her social media accounts, Julia posted a video of a box she received from Mexicali Blues, that was filled with all sorts of goodies, and of course support.

You can tell that she truly appreciated the gesture and that her love for the 207 is strong!

As you can see from the following posts, she has so much support from all of us here in the State of Maine, including the students at North Yarmouth Academy

Julia has touched thousands of people with her journey to Idol.

She is from Cumberland, she is a senior at the University of Southern Maine, and recently found her birth mother in Guatemala.

Her dream is to win the whole thing, to make her mom & family proud!

She also posted a video for her fans that want to get to know her a little better!

Give em hell, Julia. We will be watching!

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