She brought the house down again last night!

Vote for Julia, so she can make the Top 14

Another night, another incredible performance from Julia Gagnon. She took the stage as part of the Top 20 on Sunday, and knocked her cover of Fantasia's "I Believe" out of the park, earning a standing ovation in the process.

Each passing week is showing that she is the real deal, with a legit chance to win the whole thing!

Julia's American Idol fans agree


Wow, wow, wow. The talent this season is off the charts. How can we even pick the best. Julia is in the top three and could win the whole thing. But it doesn’t matter what happens after this performance. Record deal, concert contract, hit song after hit song is coming for Julia. That was just another whole level above everyone else.


I can't imagine trying to sing after being super emotional from finding out you made the final spot, she did great!


Feels like a crime for one person to be this good


The winner of American Idol right there guys!


Still the one to beat! I love her and KB. Just my preference, and I will follow both no matter the outcome of the show!

You can vote for Julia, by texting 4 to 21523. Get more details on the American Idol website

If you don't know Julia's backstory, she is from Cumberland, attends the University of Southern Maine, and in her moving audition mentioned that she recently found her birth mother in Guatemala, and she's trying to accomplish something big, to make her proud.

Find out what happen next when American Idol airs at 8pm tonight, on ABC 7

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