By Christmas Eve, hundreds, if not thousands of people will have made the trip to 21 Hillview Drive, to look at what has to be one of Bangor's Biggest Holiday lights shows, The Hathaway House. With its own dedicated spot on the radio dial, and the thousands upon thousands of twinkling lights, its a draw from far and wide, a spectacular sight to behold. But why would anyone go through the trouble to putting up such an elaborate display, complete with synchronized music and massive lawn displays? And what would make the neighborhood okay with inviting so much traffic into such a concentrated spot?

You may have heard that the Hathaways use the display as a way to raise money for the local NICU. But here's real reason behind why this is an effort that is well worth their time and energy, and more than just a way to give back.

The Hathaway lights display runs roughly between the hours of 5 to 9, nightly till December 26th.


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