When the sh#t hits the fan, the Hillbilly Weatherman comes to the rescue!

Well, here we all are, hunkered down into the depths of a Maine winter, which can be pretty brutal. Normally, we depend on our good buddy WABI-TV-5 meteorologist, Todd Simcox, or the wacky Frankie MacDonald, to inform us of any blockbuster storm headed our way, but one dude takes a raunchy, no holds barred, tell it like it is, attitude to telling us that we are about to get dumped on.

Adam Evans, who hails from Francistown, New Hampshire, is better known to people as "The Hillbilly Weatherman"(cue the banjos, please) He refers to his forecast at the “S.H.#.T. report. Pretty sure you can figure out what that third letter is, right? It is an acronym for “Storm, How, Much, Intensity, and Timing

Anytime he posts a video of an upcoming winter storm, The Hillbilly Weatherman, uses a colorful array of profanity to get his point across, so it goes without saying, that should you watch one of his clips, be forewarned that it is definitely NFSW. Your co-workers may not want to hear a string of F-Bombs and other naughty phrases.

Adam has been at it for about six years now, and his forecasts are good for a laugh, which in the dead of winter, is something we can all use. And people love him, he has an impressive 340,000 Facebook followers. Check out his Facebook page and his YouTube Channel

When the next big one hits Maine, you can be sure that The Hillbilly Weatherman will have something to say about it!

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