Kid educates Sarah on how it all began!

Yes, arguably the one hit wonder of the Z Morning Show was "Boobar To Boobar" which to this day, over 10 years later, is still quoted back to me on a regular basis. I am insanely proud of that fact that when you type that into Google search, the audio below immediately comes up. It will probably end up on my headstone when I croak.

However, our biggest catchphrase on the Z Morning Show is the now legendary, "Oh, hi" from the one and only Chris Popper. Ever wondered where it came from? It all started back in 2006, when Chris cut a commercial for Vision Care of Maine, where he played a concert pianist (don't ask) who has terrible eyesight. The idea of this was so absurd to me, one of our employees took a few of his lines from the ad and put them on something we call a "hot key" which means I can easily click my mouse in the studio and play it whenever I like, and boy have I!

Check out the video of us calling Chris up live on the air and give him grief about his acting performance in the commercial. Gotta hand it to him, because much like "Boobar To Boobar", it has inspired T-shirts, license plates and only god knows what else. It has morphed into "Oh,bye" and if Popper was a ghost of course, it would be "Oh, boo"

And let's not forget the time we played a game of OHHI on the Brewer basketball courts.

Till next time, "Oh Bye"

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