The Associated Press released a story last week about a generous donation by Tabitha and Stephen King, to the New England Historic Genealogical Society but it drew some controversy.

The article originally had listed just Stephen King as the one who had made the donation than corrected the article to include Mrs. King, but did so as "Stephen King and his wife"... that's right, she had no name.  Her contribution... being a wife.

And with that, the AP article was updated to read as a more balanced philanthropic effort, "Stephen King and his wife, fellow novelist Tabitha King, have donated $1.25 million to the New England Historic Genealogical Society."

The Bangor Public Library, which has been the recipients of many of Stephen and Tabitha King's philanthropic endeavors, became inspired by the whole ordeal with a special display and shared it on their Facebook Page.


Their post reads:

Tabitha King recently wrote a letter to an editor making it clear that she is far more than the wife of Stephen King and it struck a chord with us.

We hope Tabitha... will appreciate our new book display that gives name to wives and daughters and nieces who remain nameless in the titles of stories that in the end are supposed to be about them.

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