If you have an electric car, there will be more places coming to plug in, charge up, and go in Bangor!

As the song says, "The Times They are A-Changin'" At some point in the not so faraway future, the way we use transportation will be very different. One estimate states that by 2030, there will be over 22 million electric cars on the road.

Coming soon, two new electric-vehicle charging stations will be installed at the parking lot across from the Bangor Public Library, and another one located near the Sea Dog Brewing Company, on the Bangor Waterfront.

A charging station, also called an EV charger, is a piece of equipment that supplies electrical power for charging plug-in electric vehicles, such as hybrids, neighborhood electric vehicles, trucks, and buses.

Most electric vehicles have an onboard AC-to-DC converter that allows them to be plugged into a standard household AC electrical receptacle. Inexpensive low-power public charging stations provide AC power.

EV charging can have a positive impact on your community. Clean air commitment, and lower cost of driving for your community, are just a few of the ways having an electric car

There are several electric vehicle charging stations in the Bangor area already:

100 Broad St Pickering Square Parking Garage, 100 Broad St
106 Hogan Rd
327 Hogan Rd
219 Hogan Rd
396 Griffin Rd

There are several Tesla Supercharger stations located behind the Ruby Tuesday’s restaurant location, on Wilson Street

There are also charging stations in Belfast, Bucksport, Castine, Washington, Waterville, Bar Harbor, Camden, Swans Island, Northeast Harbor, and Blue Hill.

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