It's been a long time since the Bangor Public Library has been completely open since the pandemic shut it down in March of 2020. Appointments had been initiated to allow for fewer patrons and in between appointment cleanings to keep the spread of COVID low at the library.

The Bangor Public Library has announced that visitors to the library are now able to access the stacks without appointments on the first and second floors. Limited browsing time is still in place with the times of Monday through Saturday, 10 AM - noon and 2 PM - 4 PM designated for browsing.

Masks are still required in the building and accommodations can be requested by calling 947-8336 prior to coming to the library.

You will still need to make an appointment to access the public computers, the Local History section and half-hour appointments are still needed for the Children's Room.

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You still have the convenience of requesting your items online or by phone.

In September, we saw the reopening of the Children's Room at the Bangor Public Library, albeit one family at a time with 30 minute appointments and masked up.

Last month, we saw the library open up to a limited browsing time and limited amount of people of the adult section and appointments required for computer use, local history use and continuing appointments for the Children's Room. Cleanings were performed between the limited browsing times and masks were required.

For more information about upcoming events and COVID-19 reopening frequently asked questions for the library, visit the Bangor Public Library website.

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