Local photographer/entrepreneur and Brewer City Councilor Soubanh Phanthay is a guy who wears many hats. And in the almost two decades I've known him, I've found him to also be a man of many ideas. He's always looking for a way to benefit the community around him, while offering folks an outlet for their creativity.

Currently, he's the driving force behind a new business set to open on the Brewer waterfront: Selfie Space.

Soubanh Phanthay

Located in the Creative Arts Center building at 54 Wilson Street, Selfie Space is set to offer people a chance to take the most epic of selfies, in a professional setting.

"The business model is from a Selfie Museum where people pay a one-hour experience to create photos themselves or with a friend or professional photographer, in a space with up to 30 photo displays."

Soubanh Phanthay

Phanthay says he's always wanted to find a way to incorporate his love of photography and his love of the community, and this new business a great way to do just that.

Soubanh Phanthay

"Around two months ago I was persuaded to bring more arts and culture to our community and in my research found something that excited me. A museum where photography is encouraged and people were lining up for this fun experience in major cities. I’ve also had the idea of renting out a studio space for professional photographers in the local area. Then came the idea for Selfie Space that combines both ideas: a selfie museum and a creator space."

Soubanh Phanthay

While still in the construction stage, Phanthay says once finished, customers will have a variety of options to pick from, when it comes to the type of photos they want to take of themselves.

"We'll have rooms such as an infinity mirror room, a human crane and claw room, and a ball pit. All designed photo people to create images of themselves in them. These sets will be equipped with ring lights and softboxes."

Soubanh Phanthay

Phanthay, who has had his own photography business, Memory Maker Photography, for 20 years, says he hopes to open Selfie Space to the public the first weekend in May.

Soubanh Phanthay

"Patrons can purchase tickets online and come in for an hour in a space designed for a photo capturing experience. With 15 art installations and many wall art to make images and memories with, we hope people will enjoy the fun and interactive displays."

For more information, you can check out the Selfie Space Facebook page.

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