I remember when I was in 6th grade, they made us rinse with fluoride once a week. The school nurse would come around with this little foil packet, and you'd rinse, then spit it back into the packet, and throw it away. I begged my mom not to make me do it for some reason, not sure why.

Of course, she thought it was a splendid idea. So I literally tried to think of a new reason every week to skip it, or whatever. To the point where eventually, I just started faking it. I'd pretend to put it in my mouth, pretend to swish it around, and then just spit in the little packet when it was done. Astoundingly childish, right?

Well, at least I was 12 years old, and barely knew any better. Right now, according to a Facebook post from the Maine State Police, people have been going to pretty astounding lengths to avoid actually getting a vaccine. Which in some ways is laughable, because the vaccine is not mandatory. It's just a good idea.

The state police warn that representing yourself as vaccinated when you do certain public activities, or go to certain public places, puts you and others at unnecessary risk for COVID-19. Additionally, using a fake card is illegal. There are consequences for using official government seals in misrepresentative way.

So now of course, they're also warning schools, churches, public transit systems, etc, to be on the lookout for these fake cards. Which is just one more thing folks have to worry about. And of course they still recommend you don't post photos of your cards if you do get properly vaccinated, as bad guys can use your photos to make fakes.

It all feels just like 6th grade all over again. Maybe you're a straight up anti-vaxxer, or you think the virus is a joke, and frankly, that's your business. I'm not here to judge. But lying about something like this hurts other people beside yourself, and that ain't cool. Don't want the shot? Don't get it. Just don't be "that guy". Or girl, for that matter.

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