Last week, we revealed a list of America's favorite dog breeds put out by the American Kennel Club.

According to their statistics from 2020, American's favorite dog continued the tradition of Labrador Retrievers being America's favorite dog.  Following the Labrador Retriever, America's favorite dog breeds were French Bull dogs, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers and Bulldogs, respectively.

The whole list ranked the popularity of dog breeds from least favorite at number 195th to most favorite at number one.  The least favorite according to the American Kennel Club's 2020 list was the Norwegian Lundehund.

After revealing this information, we wanted to know how Mainer's would vote in this list.  Would Maine's number one dog breed be the same as America's favorite?

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We asked you to vote for Maine's favorite dog breed and after a week of voting, and the results showed that Mainer's, as well as America, is most in favor of the Labrador Retriever.

It looks like Maine agrees with the American Kennel Club's favorite breed with the Labrador Retriever taking a majority of the votes.  Honorable mentions include the German Shepherd, Golden Retriever and the Australian Shepherd.

Many dog breeds were voted as favorite breeds of Maine and were ranked from the voting results we conducted.

Check out the gallery below which shows how Maine voted for their favorite dog breeds.  As you will expect, the Labrador Retriever is listed first as the most voted for dog breed.  Starting with the most voted for breed, we move down to the least voted for breed.  If you don't see a breed listed, that's because no one voted for it.

Check out our full results below and compare our results with the American Kennel Club's top 20 to see how similar or different Maine's favorite breeds are from America's list.

Maine's Favorite Dog Breeds

America's Top 20 Dog Breeds of 2020


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