Rosemont Market and Harbor Fish Market are two family owned fresh markets and it's about time they joined forces to open this fall in Scarborough.

According to the Portland Press Herald, this is the brain child of developers Jack Soley and Timothy Hebert. They bought the former Oak Hill fire and police station in Scarborough in January 2020. They want to turn the area into a village center. Think nice, not strip mall.

The corner stone of the project is the combination of Rosemon Market and Harbor Fish Markets. Rosemont has six locations where they sell Harbor Fish too. The owners know each other and have similar values and styles of running a business. Both are family owned and sea/farm to table. It just makes such perfect sense they get together.

The 'village center' they want to develop would have other businesses. Possibilities include a Portland restaurant, brewpub, financial advisor, a nutrition bar and another business - but no one has signed a lease just yet. Except Harbor Fish and Rosemont.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It was a scary concept to create something new when for the past year, survival was the main concern. But they are strong businesses with a huge loyal customer base. The vision that Hebert has sounds really cool! 4800 square feet of an open concept where you will see fish broken down and feel like you are on the water where the fish just came. You can grab a cup of coffee and some Rosemont goodies and eat in the outdoor plaza area. It's near Higgins and Scarborough Beach and the Eastern Trailway for a nice stop after a day in Maine.

The site will also have 31 affordable apartments for seniors. They need to get approval from Scarborough this month and hope to start buidling by August and open in the fall!

Bring. It. On.



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