Today is National Deep Dish Pizza Day  not to be confused with National Pizza Day which was February 9th.  Okay, pizza deserves two national days of recognition. Maybe even more than two days.

Oh, how to celebrate National Deep Dish Pizza.  How else?  I’m in.  Let’s eat.

Deep Dish Pizza was invented in downtown Chicago in 1943 by Italian native Ike Sewell.  He and his partner Ric Riccardo, (go ahead and google that name, Lucy) opened a pizzeria named Uno’s which is now a national chain with a location in Bangor. Downtown Chicago has numerous deep dish pizza restaurants. Unos, Duos, (get it), and many others. When I lived in downtown Chicago locals would avoid certain pizza places because they said “they were full of tourists”.  Like it is a crime to eat in the same place as someone in for a visit from Michigan or Iowa.

Is there any more uniting food than pizza? Does not matter what your politics are, your background, your occupation, your marital status, or your age. Who doesn’t enjoy a slice of pizza.  It is a chance to leave any conflicts of opinion from the outside world behind, if only for a few minutes.  And there’s no need to argue about toppings, or in deep dish – ingredients. All’s good. It’s pizza.

Thank you to Ike and Ric for coming up with such a clever idea all those years ago. In your honor we dig in and enjoy National Deep Dish Pizza Day everywhere.

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