Will sports betting ever be legal in the state of Maine? Lay your money down, because the odds may be in your favor.

Super Sunday is almost here, and you would be hard pressed to not know someone who plans on putting some money on either the Los Angeles Rams, or the Cincinnati Bengals. I have several friends who bet sports on an almost constant basis, so with the big Sunday Funday game coming up on February 13th, we thought it would be a "Super" time to ask all of you this question.

Currently, sports betting is not legal in Maine. The legislature will likely take this issue up sometime in 2022, and many think it has a decent chance to ultimately be legalized. Until then, sports fans have to go to a neighboring state to legally place a wager. Of course, most people don't do that, so making it legal may be the best thing for all involved. Our friends in New Hampshire was the 16th state to legalize sports betting in July of 2019. You can only do it Massachusetts through legal online sportsbooks. Governor Charlie Baker, wants enact it through legislation or, by putting on the November 2022 election ballot.

There are benefits to this idea. It brings in a large amount of tax money. It boosts the economy in the state, and funds can go towards improving roads, education, and many other services.

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