It's that time of year again.  Winter weather has arrived. And we got hit in one day like we haven’t been hit in a while. The wind had drifts waist high and above for us.

But we’re resilient ‘round here. So back to things as usual very quickly is our motto.

Thanks to the snowplow guys and girls out there, working for the government or privately who clean it all up for all of us.

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Those heavy plow trucks work round the clock keeping our roads cleared of ice and snow and sometimes they pick up a little bit extra while making their rounds.

The results of that are potholes.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

No finger-pointing, just a fact.

Those potholes can cause extensive and expensive damage to your vehicle and tires. However, the story about a family in a minivan that vanished into a pothole never to be seen again, is only an urban legend. But if you spin it with style those from away might believe the story.


If you see a pothole, big or small, help is out there.

We all need a neighbor like Annie Lee. Annie Lee is a very friendly sort, and always loves meeting people from the neighborhood.  And she’s connected. Or at least that is the word heard around the ‘hood.

She can make potholes disappear.  With her phone.

If you know her, please do not mention that anyone can report an issue to public works, and they will get the repair on their list.

Here’s the link if you are in the city of Bangor.

And the email address that goes directly to Public Works for Bangor

When you send them a note, you get a reply from their ticketing system, letting you know the message has been received.  And they’ll get out and get things repaired as soon as the next morning.

Again, Annie Lee likes looking out for her fellow citizens, so don’t let her know that her phone isn’t magic, we can all report pothole problems.

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