Duh, thanks for that one Capt. Obvious...

Look I get it. I know folks know that clearing snow off the roof is important. Whether it's to keep it free of ice dams or take the weight off, it needs to be done. I have to go out to my camp every time it snows to give it a once-over. Another good reason is to make sure your shower vents from the bathrooms are clear.

They can cause all sorts of damage when not properly freed. But really, the weight is the issue. But I was today years old when I learned how much the snow actually weighs, and what kind of stress it's causing your house. In some cases, it's like having a dump truck sitting on the roof of your house.

The type pf snow is also a critical element.

For instance, according to Fox ABC Maine, white powdery snow on the roof is obviously the lightest, but still has quite a lot of heft. Even as harmless as it seems, fluffy snow can still weigh up to 4 pounds per square foot. For the comparison they use, that could add an additional 3+ tons to the weight of your roof. Or as they say, a full-size pickup.

As the water content of the snow increases, as does the weight. "Normal" snow, something we often see around here, weights a bit more at about 6 pounds per square foot. But that adds up quickly and could add over 6 tons to your roof. But I think we all know the real roof slayer, don't we?

Heavy, wet snow can be devastatingly heavy.

You'd hope that the weight of wet snow would move along the same proportionate scale, but noooooo way. The wet snow is three times more dense and heavy than fluffy snow. Meaning you could have as much as 18,000+ extra pounds hanging out up on the rooftop. Or, the equivalent of 3 full-size pickups sitting on your house.

Am I saying everyone is in danger of a roof collapse? No. But also, yes. Who's to say what circumstances could be happening at your house that you may not even know about? Even if you can only reach half the snow on your roof, it's better than nothing. And if we're talking about avoiding a roof collapse, that's a lot. Just sayin'.....

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