Some love stories even the perpetually single can appreciate.

With just a couple of weeks until Valentine's Day one Maine small business run by a couple shared their love story that started with a chance encounter back in the year 1997.

Aaron James was a student at Calais High School. Each year the school hosted a Mr. Calais High School pageant. Aaron was competing for the title complete with a nod to the ever-iconic Cher. (If only cellphone videos were common back then.)

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That same day Arikka who attended Barbara's International School of Dance in Calais also participated in the show as a dancer. While a quick blip on the radar for the high school experience, this wasn't the end of their story.

In the Facebook post time fast forwards 13 years to 2010 with Aaron as a groomsman for a wedding and Arikka as a bridesmaid. Despite Arikka having a date to the wedding, they exchanged phone numbers.

This sparked a lifetime bond. Supporting each other in their interests and endeavors, marrying in 2013, and starting a family and a business.

Designs By Aaron is a jewelry store in Bangor, Maine and if there's anything to "good juju" or "bad juju" I feel like buying jewelry for that special someone from a small business with a beautiful love story of their own is the epitome of good juju.

So if you're finding yourself alone this Valentine's Day, you never know, the love of your life could have been dressed head to toe as Cher back when you were kids.

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