To this day, there are people that can't say "Bangor" correctly. It's not "Banger" FYI...

There is something both charming and slightly annoying about the Maine accent. Being in the radio biz, I’ve been trying to lose my Maine accent for years. But, every once in a while, it slips out. And of course, as any Mainer knows, the secret to the perfect Maine accent is replacing the '-er' at the end of a word, with the letters '-ah'.

A Maine accent teacher on YouTube

We found a guy who teaches you how to pronounce some towns the ‘Mainah’ way. Last year, a national publication made the crazy revelation that the Maine accent was voted the 4th sexiest in the entire nation. Amazing, but true.

There are several tricky cities and towns in the state that can be difficult to pronounce. We came up with a list of our favorites.

Towns In Maine That Are Hard To Pronounce

There are many towns and cities in the state of Maine that make you think twice before you pronounce them for the first time.

Maine Towns That Are Either Surprisingly Easy, Or Pointlessly Hard To Pronounce

Maine towns that look like they should be hard to say, but aren't. Or, towns that are impossible to say unless you grew up there.

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