Winter isn’t done rearing its ugly head quite yet, Maine.

Winter weather in Maine is just plain weird. After a record breaking 65 degree day on Wednesday, (which was quite possibly the shortest heat wave in history) we are staring down more snow. 3-6 inches are expected here in the Bangor area, and if you are on the coast, get those shovels ready, because anywhere from, 6 inches to a foot are expected.

Usually when we get this kind of news, people flock to the nearest Hannaford or Shaw’s location to stock up various supplies, apparently, due to the fear that we all will be trapped indoors for endless days and nights. This is panic shopping at its finest, so getting out ahead of the crowds is probably the sensible option in these instances.

The day before the last big storm, I casually drove into the Shaw’s on Main Street in Bangor, because I needed something, and it looked like people were stocking up their bunkers due to the threat of nuclear war. Sometimes the best option is to frequent a mom & pop convenience store. I remember during the great toilet paper shortage of 2020, I always found some at my local neighborhood stops.

So, the question we pose today is, do you buy milk and bread? Or, maybe just one or the other? Do you stock up on easy to prepare meals? How about water, in case you lose heat?

It’s always good to be ready for anything, but in reality, life usually gets back to normal fairly quickly after we get dumped on.

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