Maybe this song will finally help me figure out how to use the self-checkout!

I love casually surfing the Maine version of Reddit each day because you find a ton of interesting topics and opinions on a variety of subjects. Best of all, it comes without all the judgment and nastiness of Twitter & Facebook. It's a chill place to hang out sometimes.

Without fail, when browsing the other day, I came across a video from a guy named Miguel Perez, who wrote and filmed a rap song about the one and only, Hannaford Supermarket. Why Hannaford? Why not.

There are 41 Hannaford locations throughout the state of Maine, including one that is right down the street from our studios, which comes in handy, and boy, do people love it, I know one friend of mine who prefers it to Shaw's, for a weird reason...because the lighting is better! When it comes to shopping, everyone has their personal preferences.

In Miguel's clever video, he hits the bakery, and deli, returns some bottles & cans, using the Clynk option, stops by the booze isle, and buys a bottle of Allen's Coffee Brandy, which he scans in the self-checkout line (after getting carded of course) all the while spitting rhymes, rapid-fire style, like Eminem!

Gotta be honest here, he's not a bad rapper at all. Check out "You Can Call It Hannie's (The Hannaford Song)."

He also plays out live at various Maine & Florida watering holes, from time to time.

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