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The 2017 Academy Awards nominations were announced this week, with critical favorites La La Land and Moonlight both receiving a hearty helping of nominations. Resident PopCrush movie buffs Samantha Vincenty and Matt Donnelly discuss their favorite movies of 2016 (see Other People immediately!) and predict who might win and why.

We also discuss this year's snubs — having seen Hidden Figures since this podcast was recorded, we echo the sentiment that Taraji P. Henson deserved a Best Actress nod — and the politics of who wins, and why. And then there's the murky business of controversial nominees Mel Gibson and Casey Affleck, who (as Fresh Off the Boat star Constance Wu reminded moviegoers this week) was the subject of two since-settled sexual harassment lawsuits. The age-old question of whether talent offsets possible personal misconduct rears its head once again.

Listen above, and leave a comment with your own 2017 Oscar predictions below — or let us know on Twitter.

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