Two Maine residents are now living their dream, spending every day and night sailing the East Coast with their cat, Ensign Pickles.

Who Are These Live-Aboard Sailors?

I've known both of them for a long time. Allison Bankston once sat in the chair I now occupy, working as news director for our radio station, and Gaylen Smith was the drummer in one of my favorite local bands. While Allison went on to work a variety of marketing and public affairs jobs, and Gaylen obtained his engineering degree, they both played music in area clubs and had a big following. They were always surrounded by groups of friends. So it came as a surprise to me when they decided to take to the sea and walk away from all that had become familiar.

I mean, many people talk about pitching it all and going to live a simpler life, dreaming of traveling the country in an RV or buying a small house on the beach of a tropical island. For Allison and Gaylen, the goal became about living aboard a sailboat and going where the wind blows them. And now, they're actually doing it.

What's It Like to Live On a Boat?

They've faced a lot of challenges, had some amazing experiences, and were kind enough to chat with me this week about all of it. Are they still having fun? How do they earn a living? All my questions were answered as they told me of the journey of a lifetime. Listen to our conversation here, and see lots of pictures of their boating life.

Is There a Way to Follow Their Travels Online?

You can follow their journey through their social media platforms, all listed under the name 'Sail Bums,' including their YouTube channel. And they invite you to join them for Facebook live videos, including a fan favorite - Cockpit Coffee.

We wish them both fair winds and following seas in the future.

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