Well, it happened. We thought it might, and it did.

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Nickelback fans in Bangor were in for a treat as the Canadian rock icons, along with country superstar Brantley Gilbert, set the stage ablaze (literally) at the Maine Savings Amphitheater on Thursday night. The Get Rollin’ Tour had landed, and boy, did it live up to the expectations.

This night was long overdue. A 6-year hiatus from the city had fans hungering for a taste of Nickelback's signature sound. The 2020 show that got canceled due to the pandemic only added to the anticipation. But all was forgotten as the stage lit up with energy that was worth the wait.


Leading up to the concert, rumors had been swirling like a summer breeze. Would Nickelback pull an unsuspecting fan from the crowd to join them onstage for an unforgettable karaoke session of their smash hit ‘Rockstar’? The speculation was rife, the excitement palpable. And then it happened.


Resembling a scene from a movie, the band chose an individual from the audience. This fella, affectionately referred to as the 'black hat, white shirt guy,' turned out to be the fortunate winner in Bangor.


As the familiar chords of ‘Rockstar’ reverberated through the amphitheater, the chosen fan stepped up to the challenge. This guy knew the lyrics, and boy, did he rock them. Was there a sneaky teleprompter hidden somewhere? I don’t want to speculate, but who needs one when you've got the lyrics etched into your heart?

Let's be honest, everyone knows the words to ‘Rockstar,’ at least in the shower or during those late-night car rides. But let's also admit, being under the spotlight can make even the best of us stumble.

With the crowd roaring in approval and the band cheering him on, "black hat, white shirt guy" gave it his all. He embraced the role, channeling his inner rockstar, and absolutely nailed it. 

So, hats off to you, "black hat, white shirt guy."

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