According to, most of Maine is in drought still and some are in a severe drought situation.

According to the website, which completes weekly analysis and updates on the countries drought conditions with the United States Drought Monitor, 804,000 Mainers are living in drought areas with nearly half, or 318,000, in abnormally dry areas.  This translates to over 60% of the population in Maine in drought areas currently.

Most of the State of Maine lies in a moderate drought which can cause damage to crops and pastures as well as these areas developing some water shortage.

The U.S. Drought Monitor states that voluntary water-use restrictions are requested at this time.

The area most affected are areas east and north of Augusta, including Penobscot, Hancock, Knox, Lincoln, Waldo, Piscatiquis, Washington and Aroostook counties.

A most northern and eastern section of Aroostook county has gone beyond a moderate drought into severe with crop and pasture loss likely, common place water shortages and water restrictions imposed.

None of the state is yet to fall into the further categories of Extreme Drought or Exceptional Drought.

The last time the State of Maine saw a long drought was from June 2001 to July 2003.  During that time the state held an Extreme Drought during the winter of 2002 that affected over half of the state.  Since then we have hit Extreme Droughts in shorter durations in 2017 and, this year, in 2020.

The Drought Impact Reporter archives and informs about drought conditions across the United States and publishes weekly information and you can follow drought information yourself by checking out their website at

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