Another example of 2021 being 2020 part two as Maine continues it's concerns of continuing drought.

Despite minimal concern over flooding this spring, there is concern by a state commission over continued drought conditions into 2021.

Currently, the State's River Flow Advisory Commission has met virtually and assessed that stream and ground water is low to below normal for the State. Meanwhile, snow-pack is normal to below normal in the state and Maine has below normal risk for flooding.

In 2020, Maine carried drought conditions throughout the year in most of the State, worse in Western Maine and far northern Maine in Aroostook County.

As the forecast stands now, no added precipitation is expected to add to Maine's water tables for the next week. If this trend continues throughout the spring and Maine continues to have little precipitation and continuing mild temperatures, we could likely have drought conditions. shows that parts of Maine, far north eastern Maine and along the mid-southern coastline, are in the lowest category of drought conditions at D0 where we would have delayed planting for the area that could also include immature growth. Along with delayed crop maturation, an increase in fire danger will happen sooner during the spring fire season.  Additionally, those green lawns and blossoming gardens will come later in the season, too.

Here's to hoping that the forecast provided by the Old Farmer's Almanac has some legitimacy for a wet March so we can avoid another year of drought.

For more information about the Maine River Flow Advisory Commissions annual meeting for the 2021 discussion about ice conditions, flood risk and drought conditions, visit

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