Watching for the tweet, waiting the call, awaiting the text message that makes you free for one day, after a long weekend, no doubt.  That's what 99% of our school children were doing this morning after a night of snow, sleet and rain.

It may only be November 12th but mother nature has given us the opportunity to give the kids a potential snow day - the first one of the year.

Yet, the ultimate call of an official snow day comes from the superintendent.  It is a heavy decision that a superintendent must make, which upends everybody's plans- teachers, parents, bus drivers, cooks, janitors but, especially, the kids.

One superintendent out of Lewiston Public Schools, Mr. Finn, however, makes light of not the decision that he/she must make but of the joy or despair that could come based on that decision.  This tweet shares the truth for a Maine superintendent when it comes to deciding to have or not have a snow day.

SupeFinnLPS, includes a photo of a shark following someone in a kayak with the following:

Good call, Mr. Finn.  Good luck, too, since the wintery season seems to have started sooner than usual and there will probably be many more snow days to decide on this school year.

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