Fox22 in Bangor gave attention to a great group of kids a part of a Newport day care that raised money on Wednesday for a local student undergoing treatment for a brain tumor.

The kids at Kidsville Day Care spent Wednesday morning enjoying the great weather for a few hours while raising $1600 for their annual fundraising efforts to help those battling cancer.

The day care goes 'Gray in May' to participate in efforts for Brain Tumor Awareness Month.  This year, they actually helped in raising money for a local student who is traveling to Boston for treatment for a brain tumor.  The 16 year-old is a student at Nokomis Regional High School and undergoing treatment right now.  Money raised will help with those costs.

How did the kids raise money?

They took to the sidewalk to hop it out.  That is, a marathon hop for two hours.  That's dedication to a worthy cause.

One of the children, Charlie Kinney, wanted to due a lemonade stand but instead opted for a more 'socially-distanced' method by drawing pictures and sharing them on social media.  This helped garner lots of attention for their fundraising efforts and helped raise $500 by this method alone.

Check out the segment done on Fox22 where they got footage of the hop-a-thon and interviews with those involved.

To find out more about the 'Go Gray In May' campaign to raise money for Brain Tumor Awareness for the month of May, check out the website to learn more about the organizations efforts and how to get involved.


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