Bangor-area nonprofit, Health Equity Alliance, is collecting gently used or new blankets or sleeping bag for their Blanket and Sleeping Bag Drive.

The drive will be going on for the whole month of January with plans to distribute collected blankets and sleeping bags to those in need on February 11th at Pickering Square in Bangor.

Want to donate?

You can stop by their office at 304 Hancock Street, Suite 3B in Bangor.

Where is that?

I got a map for you!  Here you go!

Don't have a blanket or sleeping bag to donate but still want to help out?

No worries!  They are also taking cash and gift card donations.

Health Equity Alliance is a nonprofit organization based out of Bangor that is dedicated to empowering marginalized communities to combat stigma and realize health justice.

For more information about the organization and to follow this month long event, check out their event page on Facebook.

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