Bangor Bark for Life 2019 is back this year and will take place this Friday at Bass Park, 100 Dutton Street in Bangor from 4 PM - 8 PM.

The event is to raise money for the American Cancer Society and is a fun way to get human and dogs out, have some fun and celebrate life.

There will be three walks included in the event as well as the fun of a carnival, with delicious food, craft beer, local vendors, music and games.  Also, you get to see our coworker, Cindy Campbell from Q106.5, as an emcee of the event, as will WVII's Craig Colson.

According to the Facebook event, the event is a way to honor the faithfulness of dogs:

It’s an event that sheds a light on the relationship between cancer patients and their pets in addition to the importance of caregivers.

But, the event also brings attention to the fact that people are not the only ones who can suffer with cancer, our furry and feathered companions can, as well.

Registration is $10 per person (kids 12 & under are free) or $15 for a person and a dog.  If you are a cancer survivor contact the organization through the Facebook Event page.

To register now or the day of the event or to stay up to date with the event, visit the 'Bangor Bark for Life 2019' Facebook event page.

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