A huge spread of food will be available to the public to help the historic Comins Hall at 1387 Main Road in Eddington.

According to the 'Eddington - Clifton Civic Center - Comins Hall' Facebook page, the hall is used without charge for public events, programs and projects by organizations and individuals in Clifton and Eddington.

Starting at 5 PM, the hall will host a Trashcan Turkey dinner with all the trimmings including turkey, fresh mashed potatoes, gravy from scratch, veggies, salad, rolls, cranberry sauces and desserts.

Also, some "award-winning" Beanhole Beans will be there, as well.

There will be two opportunities for suppah at 5 PM and 6 PM.

Adults are $8 and children are $3

The hall was built in 1878 and lots of work has been going on to fix it up.  A recent storm has put the hall in emergency need to fix the roof of the hall sooner than planned.

Proceeds of the dinner will go towards the upkeep of the hall, which is also a registered 501(c)(3) non profit.

Find out more information about the event through the Facebook event or by visiting their website.

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