George Washington chopped down the cherry tree, so why not have some cherry pie at Franks’ Bakery?

Happy Presidents Day!

Fresh off his appearance as Ebeneezer Scrooge in Downeast Toyota's Christmas ad, my dad is back on the boob tube, this time portraying George Washington stopping by a local Bangor landmark.

The only thing funnier than watching the commercial is teasing him mercilessly about it.

My dad's history as a local TV star

For years my father has worked at Downeast Toyota in Brewer, and at some point, it occurred to them that they could use his mop of white hair to their advantage. It all started with him playing George Washington in commercials for Presidents Day, back in 2015. The hysterical part is that my dad is one of those people that everyone in Bangor knows, so once people saw it on television, everywhere he went, people would shout out, "Hey George! Are you crossing the Penobscot" which annoyed the hell out of him, but I always get a pretty good laugh out of it.

The next logical step was playing Scrooge, which he did a few years back. Then, it switched from people yelling "George!" to "Hey Scrooge, what's up?" And, yet again, I was entertained.

Now, it's in the family

So, when they decided to do the new Christmas ad, I was approached by Josh Whinery, who is one of our salespeople here at Townsquare. He sent me a script for the new ad and thought I should do the voice of "The Ghost of Christmas Future". Naturally, I jumped at the chance to do it. I noticed that in my effort to do a scary, ghost-type voice, I kinda sound like Don Pardo, who was the announcer on Saturday Night Live for years. Oh well, it was fun. Hope you enjoy it!

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