Two dudes hit the 207 and chowed down!

A guy named Jimmy left his career in the military to become a full-time traveler, now on his YouTube Channel called Divert Living, he documents his travels all over the world. He started his globetrotting in of September 2017 with just $4000 to his name. Now this is his full time job, and from the looks of it, he is living the dream.

Jimmy and a friend, hit the road to find out the answer to the question if too much lobster is actually a thing. Naturally, their travels brought them to Maine, where we are known as THE destination for this delicacy of the sea. You can certianly take their reccomendatons to heart, the channel has an impressive 258,000 subscibers who enjoy watching these excursions.

In search of the best lobster dishes in the state, Bar Harbor was the perfect place to start. They feast on lobster tacos with avocado, a traditional Maine lobster dinner with corn on the cob, and the one and only, Ben and Bill's Chocolate Emporium. They have been scooping out the incredible combination of vanilla ice cream scoops, churned with real lobster meat since 1988.

A visit to Young’s Lobster Pound in Belfast, for one of their mouth watering lobster rolls was up next, followed by a visit to Portland, and one of my haunts from back in the day, the legendary Rosie’s on Fore Street in the Old Port, for a cold IPA, and a very generous portion of lobster mac & cheese.

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