For most people in Maine, Saturday was a leftover summer day. Large portions of the state saw temperatures in the 70's, some even rolled over 80 degrees. But if you were hoping that the remnants of a very warm summer were going to stick around, you better think again. Because one city in Maine saw it's first snowfall early Sunday morning.

Shared on Facebook by US National Weather Service Caribou ME, you can probably guess which of Maine's cities saw that snowfall. Before you freak out over the picture, the ground in Caribou isn't covered in snow. Instead, they used a photo from last winter for effect. But the fact that conditions were already in place for any snow to fall on October 11th, likely means it's going to be another long winter for northern Maine.

From a historical perspective, Caribou generally does see its first snowfall of the season at about this time. These immeasurable snowfalls generally continue until late October. By November 8th, Caribou has traditionally seen it's first snowfall of 1 inch or more. Judging by the comments on the Facebook post, natives to northern Maine are ready to take on another daunting winter in what has been a daunting year.

But If you're reading this from southern Maine, say the Portland area, and wondering if it's already time to think winter, you can pump the brakes. According to Current Results, the first snowfall of 1 inch or more doesn't traditionally occur until the first week of December. So breathe easy for now, keep the boots and gloves in storage and enjoy the next several weeks of fall.

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