Spring is officially on in Maine and has made quite the entrance over the last few days. Gorgeous days have suddenly become the norm, with temperatures sitting in the comfortable 50 to 60 degree range while letting every single Mainer who hates winter wake up from their seasonal hibernation. But those who have lived in Maine a long time know that behind that first stretch of really amazing weather is probably one last snow storm. And wouldn't you know it? Long range forecast models agree.

Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche, the EURO forecast favors one thing in particular, that between Sunday and Tuesday, Maine could see a hefty storm. For several days, the forecast model has held steady in believing the storm will stay on track to wallop the entire state and that punch is going to snow, snow and more snow.

There is something to consider about 2021 however. It's that the most reliable forecast models have whiffed often when it comes to snow. It's entirely possible this storm starts tracking into the mountains or leaks out into the ocean. It's also entirely possible that the conditions end up non-conducive to heavy snowfall amounts and winds up being a rain and wind event.

Then again, this may be one last right hook from Mother Nature before she allows spring to fully bloom. If the storm track holds and conditions remain ripe, the mountains of Maine are likely to see up to 20 inches of snow. Inland areas could see over a foot and even the coast would likely watch 6-12 inches fall before the storm moves out.

This is one of those times where you hope the forecasters get it wrong.

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