Buying pot for fun became legal on Friday, October 9th, and well, Mainers bought a lot of it.

According to the Portland Press Herald, six recreational pot stores sold $94,643.38 worth of marijuana on the first day they opened. It could have been a lot more, too, because nine retail stores have licenses, but all couldn't open because there is a shortage of legally tagged, tested and taxed pot, the newspaper noted.

Stores opened from South Portland to Bangor and Maine made a cool 9,464.34 dollars in taxes in the very first day of sales, the Press Herald reported.

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Since the supply isn't quite where it should be, that drove prices up, and there were limits in place. An eighth of an ounce cost between $55 and $65, according to the newspaper, but prices should come down as more stores open and more licenses are approved.

Perfect timing for recreational pot sales? Honestly, a global pandemic? Voting in a presidential election? Racial injustice and unrest? No toilet paper and limits on hand sanitizer? See? See?

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