Who knew this marijuana thing was so complicated!  Hot on the heels of 420 this past weekend, The Maine Office of Marijuana Policy (yup, we have one now) has just published a draft for their guidelines for pot sales. This will be a guideline for growers, retailers, and manufacturers on how pot sales will go. We've waited two years for guidance on the subject, and there's a lot to read through-74 pages, in fact!

A couple of things stood out to us as we read the report:

  • Application fees range from $60 to $500. Not bad!
  • A full on licensing fee could cost you up to $15,000
  • You'll still need approval in a Maine city or town that is allowing pot sales
  • This draft does not cover events or social smoking lounges. That's still to come.
  • Only Maine residents can grow or buy.

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