The City of Brewer is urging voters who have requested an absentee ballot and received their ballot to ensure they have received the correct ballot.
Brewer gives ballots for both District 128 and 129, which is viewable on the ballot itself, as shown on the City of Brewer Facebook post shared on Saturday.
Which district you should receive from the City of Brewer is determined by which streets you live on as well as the address number.
The City of Brewer posted on Facebook on Friday about a mishap they became aware of with ballots already sent out that stated voters in District 128 may have received the wrong ballot, instead receiving District 129's ballot.
This mishap would not allow voters to select the candidate of choice for the District 128 race but would not affect other races, including the Presidential, State, or Local races.
Here's a list of the streets and address numbers that a part of District 129.  If your address or street isn't listed, than you are in District 128.
List of Streets in State Representative District 129:
BALSAM DRIVE  (All of Balsam Drive)
BLACK BEAR ROAD (All of Black Bear Road)
CRABAPPLE LANE (All of Crabapple Lane)
DAY ROAD (All from 111 to 518, even numbers from 2 to 110)
DEERFIELD DRIVE (All of Deerfield Drive)
EASTERN AVENUE (Even numbers from 402 to 2000)
HOUSTON LANE (All of Houston Lane)
LAMBERT ROAD (All of Lambert Road)
NATURE’S WAY (All of Nature’s Way)
NIGHT ROAD (All of Night Road)
NORTH MAIN STREET (All from 1143 to 1278, odd numbers from 1095 to 1141)
PINE VALLEY WAY (All of Pine Valley Way)
RED PINE ROAD (All of Red Pine Road)
RUHLIN WAY (All of Ruhlin Way)
SABINE MILL ROAD (All of Sabine Mill Road)
SPRUCE DRIVE (All of Spruce Drive)
SYLVAN DRIVE (All of Sylvan Drive)
WHITE TAIL ROAD (All of White Tail Road)
WINTERGREEN WAY (All of Wintergreen Way)
WOODRIDGE ROAD (All of Woodridge Road)
WOODY LANE (All of Woody Lane)
If your location is not listed above, you are a part of District 128.
The City of Brewer became aware of an issue on Friday which prompted a Facebook post on the City of Brewer's Facebook pageThe post is an image of a letter sent out to residents dated October 9th from the City Clerk's Office.  It reads as follows:
State of Maine House DIstrict 128 Voters:
In our efforts to promptly issue an unprecedented amount of absentee ballots, totaling nearly 2,000 requests, it has come to our attention that ballots for the State of Maine House District 128 race were improperly sent ballots for the uncontested House District 129 race.
It is important to note that this error will not affect any other races, including the Presidential, State, or Local races.
However, voters in District 128 who may have received the wrong ballot, would not be able to vote for the candidate of choice for the District 128 race.
If you received a ballot marked 129 at the top, please contact us immediately.  Do not mail your ballot, or place it in the secure ballot drop box at City Hall.
If you first return an incorrect ballot we will exchange it with the proper 128 ballot.
If you have already mailed your ballot, please call us immediately at 989-7050 so we may hold your ballot materials so you came into the City Clerk's Office and correct this mistake.
Once again, please review the top of your ballot and make sure it (is) labeled at the top, like the one enclosed in this letter.
Following this letter, another was posted on Facebook, again on Friday, informing the public of a temporary removal of the ballot drop box at Brewer's City Hall in order to talk with each voter about the ballot issue.
If you believe you received an incorrect ballot it is asked that you do not mail your ballot.  You are asked to call the City Clerk's Office at 989-7050 if you have received an incorrect ballot or if you have any questions.

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