If you missed this past weekend's Saturday Night Live episode, you missed Comedian Bill Burr's dead-on impression of every single Boston Beer Drinker I've ever come across in my lifetime. It. Was.Brilliant!

The SNL sketch centered around a taste test, set up in a Boston supermarket, where "Real Bostonians" tried Sam Addams Signature Brew, the Jack-O-Pumpkin Ale.

While everyone else featured in the commercial gives what you can only be described as the typical glowing reviews most folks have to anything pumpkin flavored these days, Burr's character, Sean S.-Real Bostonian, starts off with spitting the beer back into his glass and swearing.

His second try, he chugs it and states "I don't like that."

His thirds attempt, as he his character gets progressively drunker, he starts..."This is the kind of beer somebody brings to a party at your house, and then it like just sits in the fridge in like 8 months..."

The whole thing ends with him fighting on the ground, punching his impatient adult son with his cast and the cops being called.

I have both personally seen and heard tales of every single joke the writers put into this sketch. My only wish is that it was an actual Sam Adams commercial!

See for yourself and let us know what you think!

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